Jan 20, 2011

Garbage Goodies - 2 Liter Pop Bottles

Before I go any further in this series, let me be clear:  Frugal does not have to equate tacky and dumpy.  Being thrifty does not mean that your house has to look like a hoarders, or that you must have a gigantic stash of styrofoam meat trays, plastic grocery bags, and empty Pringles cans lying around.  Nonetheless, many of the things we throw away can be re-purposed.  Today I am going to highlight pop bottles, specifically of the 2  liter size.  Our family has never been much of pop drinkers, but just the last few weeks, I purchased a couple  bottles of Diet Pepsi, so I will be trying a few of these.

  1. Make-Shift Funnel: Cut the top of the bottle off (about where the label starts), remove the lid, turn upside down, and use as a funnel.  I think this would be great for pouring sugar into gallon jugs to make Kool-aid; I don't know how much sugar I have wasted trying to do this by hand!  Also, refilling windshield washer fluid or other fluids in your car.
  2. Yarn Holder and Organizer: Cut the bottom of the bottle off, place yarn inside, thread yarn through the top, and replace the bottom of the 2 liter, taping it back on.  No more tangled yarn! 
  3. Tomato Plant Starter: Cut the bottom (below label), fill with soil, add seed, and water.  Tape the top back on, secure lid, and place in a warm place for germination.  When seedlings have grown large enough, transplant to your garden
  4. Paint Can: Pour leftover paint into a 2 liter bottle.  It's see-through, so you can see the color inside.  Throw a couple of marbles in with the paint, and you won't have to stir--just shake and let the marbles do the work! Use a marker to identify brand and color of paint, room painted, and date used.
  5. Watercraft/Life Raft: Ok, so I know I said frugal isn't tacky, but I just think this idea would be plain 'ol silly fun for a family.  Go here and check out this flotation device big enough for 2 adults!  I can so see my brothers doing this when we were kids. Start saving up your bottles now...
  6. Slug trap: Cut the top off the bottle, slightly less halfway down.  Place slug bait in the bottom of the bottle. Invert the top into the bottom, and staple in place.  Place at the area of infestation.  Works because slugs can get in, but can't figure out how to get out.  I read that this same idea can work to catch minnows, if the bottle is submerged.  Tie it to another empty sealed bottle that floats to mark where the trap was placed.
  7. Ice Packs: Fill with water and freeze.  Use in coolers in place of store-bought ice--there's no watery mess to clean up when the ice melts, and the ice-cold water can then be drank.

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