Jan 21, 2011

This Week's Peek - January 22

Just sharin' a little bit of this week's goodness... the girls continue to delight this mother's heart with their innocence and  precociousness.  

Grace has recently decided that she is going to get married...in mommy's slip...to daddy.

I'm not sure what prompted the wedding itch, because she has only been to one wedding, and it was last October. A few weeks ago, she rummaged through my dresser until she found my slip.  She danced around the house, taking off her other clothes by bits and pieces until I found her in the picture above.

Last night, before singing herself to sleep, Grace sat on daddy's lap, and with his grinning encouragement, gigglingly teased me that, "Daddy is MY hu'band."

"No," I replied, "he is MY husband."

She nearly choked with wild laughter as she insisted, "NO, MY hu'band."

Daddy ate it UP.  

Leah, on the other hand, is getting so chunky, I can barely stand it.  I'm so glad God made babies the way he did.  What would a baby be like without their adorable belly laughs, chubby, wrist-less hands, and thigh rolls upon rolls?  

I took this video just a minute or so ago while I was typing up this post.  

Delicious morningness in cozy pajamas.

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Alisa said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh so cute, April! I miss the cuddly, chubby stage... {sniff, sniff} :)