Feb 17, 2011

Garbage Goodies - Dryer Lint

Considering that dryer lint is essentially our clothing coming apart by bits and pieces in our dryer, lint is a pricey little by-product of modern convenience.  Here are a few tips to give lint a second life:
  1. Kindling : Use as a fire-starter in your fireplace, charcoal grill or on a campfire.  Just light it up as-is, or you can get fancy.  You could pack cardboard toilet paper rolls with dryer lint, or you could use cardboard egg cartons, add a dozen wads of lint, and pour melted wax from the bottom of used candles over top.  When dry, tear or cut apart each cup for individual use.  Use one or two cups to start your fire.  This would be a great camping trip tool if you detest starting campfires. *Personal note- I have hilarious pictures of my husband on our honeymoon trying to start a fire in the backyard of our cabin.  It had rained every day that week, so all the firewood was soaked.  He finally got it started with fuel from an oil lamp inside the cabin...if only I'd known this tip!
  2. Filler : Dryer lint is merely the fuzz from our clothing, freshly washed, dryed, and compacted in one little sheet, right?  So why not fill your pillows and stuffed animals with it? Some people caution that lint is flammable, but if you child's pillow/animal is not exposed to direct flame, I'm not sure what the harm is.
  3. Bird Nesting : Throw your lint out on your lawn or tie a mesh (oranges or potatoes come in these) bag filled with it to a tree in the spring, and watch the mama birds swoop down and screech, "Eureka!"  They'll love the soft material for lining the nest.  *Brush your shedding dog outside and the birds will thank you for that, too.
  4. Art Medium : If you're an artist and prefer things a little edgy, check out these lint creations that people actually sell.  Or you can make modeling clay from these recipes.  Or how about some papier-mache?
  5. Insulation : Stuff those chinks and cracks in your drafty old house with it, and sit snugly in your draft-free home!
  6. Paper : You know those fancy-shmancy paper store that sell the paper with fibers and flower petals?  You can make your own with lint following these instructions.
See Thrifty Fun and DIY Life for more suggestions and comments about uses for dryer lint.

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