Mar 1, 2011

A Little Washed Up

Our condo flooded yesterday morning about 4:30, so I will probably be out of commission the rest of the week.  We are fine, as are pretty much all of our household possessions.  I had vaguely anticipated something like this happening, as we are on the garden level, so I always used Rubbermaid totes when storing things on the floor.  The only real trouble is the actual flooring in the entire condo has to be replaced.  The girls and I are displaced persons who settled in at my in-law's for now until things dry out.  Ben took the day off yesterday to rip out the carpets and save the drywall from being replaced, but he's back at work today.

Photo by James Hawkins

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Penny said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, April! I'm sorry to hear about that, but I hope that you will be back in your sweet home soon. Maybe you can look at it as a mini vacation!:o)