Feb 24, 2012

Book Reviews {Put More Money in Your Pocket, Honey for a Child's Heart}

I've been working away at my reading list, and here's a couple short reviews from the ones I've finished.

Put More Money In Your Pocket was a good read if you are serious about making $500-$1000 extra per month. Starting from the initial brainstorm to the first customer, this book systematically lays out a simple formula for making your money-making venture actually happen.  The author provides practical steps for any venture, including worksheets, as you progress towards making your additional monthly income a reality.

Honey For Your Child's Heart really encouraged me to take seriously how I nourish my girls' minds and hearts. As parents, we alone are responsible to develop the intellect and soul, as well as the body of our offspring. The author reminds us that our resources and time are finite, and must therefore be reserved, not just for the good, but for the best.  She contends that the best books, including the Bible and classic literature, will open the imaginative portals of your child's mind to the noble, the good, the possible in this world.  Good literature will help to establish landmarks of right and wrong, good and evil, true and false.  Furthermore, I love how she validates and supports this point: the beautiful bonds of family are built by shared moments and memories, and reading books aloud and as a family is one important way to communicate your values through your book choices.  The book is two parts: the first is Mrs. Hunt's philosophy about nourishing your children's heart; the second is her book recommendations for each age level. I have already gone to the library in pursuit of several of her book recommendations, and found them heartily satisfactory!

3 lovely comments:

Kari said... Best Blogger Tips

Already wrote the title down to look for the second book at my local library...especially for the list of books she recommends. Thanks so much for sharing!

Deena - said... Best Blogger Tips

April, a while back I took my Honey for A Child's Heart and gave it to Anna Perkins and asked her to star or write any comments next to the book selections for each age grouping so I would know which ones were REALLY the good ones. She loved doing it, and it helps me know what I can buy or check out without worry of something that would disagree with where we are headed as a family. :) Just a thought...

content2be said... Best Blogger Tips

This is genius! I wonder if she would mind doing it again!? Thanks for sharing.