Feb 22, 2012

The Knave of Hearts {Stolen Tarts...}

The queen of hearts she made some tarts
all on a summer's day;
The knave of hearts she stole those tarts
and took them clean away.
The king of hearts called for the tarts
and beat the knave full sore.
The knave of hearts brought back the tarts
and vowed she'd steal no more.

6 lovely comments:

Kari said... Best Blogger Tips

Those Strawberries look so good! I'm going to be making some of these on Friday and looking at yours makes my mouth water. Firday can't come soon enough!!

Phyllis Blickensderfer said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, those look so good that I could have become a knave, too. Delicious!

Debbie said... Best Blogger Tips

You should feed the poor child once in awhile then she wouldn't have to steal food! LOL. How many did she get before you caught her? Mom

content2be said... Best Blogger Tips

They were so yummy, but the chocolate-covered grapes my husband bought for me were even better. I'd never even heard of them before, but they were delish!

content2be said... Best Blogger Tips

Only two, and we let her finish those off. Little stinker! She's getting really slick these days!

content2be said... Best Blogger Tips

They were! They were intended for Ben, but we all helped ourselves!