May 17, 2012

Really, Kohl's, You Shouldn't Have!

Last week, my dear mother-in-law gave me one of those Kohl's promotional gift cards for $10 off any $10 purchase.  Having accidentally let the pictured one expire the week before, I was pretty excited about getting another one.

I found this adorable Carter's dress, originally priced at $22.

It was on sale for $9.90.  I took it to the cash register with a bit of trepidation because the fine print said the purchase price must be $10.  I figured it didn't hurt to see if the register would disregard the 10 cents difference.  

The card scanned with no problems, and amazingly, I didn't even have to pay tax!  I walked out of the store without even cracking my wallet.  I looked behind as I left, slightly nervous that the asset recovery team was going to make an appearance.

What's your latest frugal high?  For once, something in life really was FREE.

5 lovely comments:

Kari said... Best Blogger Tips

That is so AWESOME!! Way to go! Hmmm...the last FREE thing I got was thanks to Kroger: FREE reusable shopping bag and FREE bag of mini carrots (which the kids have devoured!) the same shopping trip!

Rebecca said... Best Blogger Tips

Kohl's is pretty good at deals like that... one cashier told us to keep our kohl's cash even if they're past the expiration date bc they're allowed to scan them anyway. It probably depends on the store and even the cashier, but we've used them w/other discounts after the exp. date w/never a problem!

Cute dress btw... my Juju has the same one!

Kari said... Best Blogger Tips

Forgot to tell you I nominated you for an award on my blog today!! :)

Rebecca said... Best Blogger Tips

What an adorable dress!

April said... Best Blogger Tips

What a great deal, and I love the dress. It is the style my girls wore when they were smaller.