Jun 7, 2012

International Delight {Friendship--the Cream of Life}

I have made a new friend.  That's definitely news, right?!
This sweet lady, Xiaojuan (pronouned sow-jyen as best as I can tell), is from China, and she is a pure delight to be around.  She and her husband have been attending our church for about six months and recently they both made a decision to accept Christ as their personal Savior.  So she is now my sister in Christ, as well as a friend.

I had her over for lunch a couple of weeks ago.  Really cool story.  Before she came over, I had prayed that I could be a real blessing to Xiaojuan and make her feel comfortable and welcome in my home.  Shortly after she arrived, we sat down to lunch, and I went to the cupboard to grab another plate.  As I opened the cupboard, a package of chopsticks dropped out.  I did not recall even owning chopsticks, but there they were.  I started to stuff them back in the cupboard, when the Holy Spirit reminded me that perhaps Xiaojuan might like to use them.  I turned and a bit sheepishly asked if she would prefer chopsticks.  Her countenance lit up at the sight of those sticks!  Grace was intrigued, so Xiaojuan taught the two of us how to use them.  Grace, of course, had it down in no time, while I fumbled about trying to get a single piece of lettuce in my mouth for five minutes.  Made me appreciate how she must feel with a fork!

For just 6 months in the country, her English is astounding!  She wanted to learn how to make cookies, so I guided her while she made a half batch of oatmeal raisin and a half batch of oatmeal butterscotch.  Here we are with Xiaojuan's first batch of cookies.  Photo courtesy of Grace.

Tuesday, Xiaojuan had the girls and I over for lunch.  She served us authentic Chinese cuisine.  I was in a cloud of culinary delight.  It was so good.  Again, I gave chopsticks a try. Again, epic failure.  Of course, Leah was true to form and spilled her entire cup of juice all over the pristine dining room floor.  Thankfully, she's cute, Xiaojuan is gracious, and it was a wood floor; sticky mess, but not impossible.  Of course, I forgot the camera, or I would show you what she served.  One entree was a medley of asparagus, mushroom, and shrimp, one was chicken wings sauteed in Coke, and the last was a pork and garlic sprout stir fry---all served with rice.  Garlic sprout looks very similar to asparagus, but without the feather edge.  Delish!  She also made a sweet soup with lotus nuts, dates, and a mushroom I have never tasted before.  It was a really great time.

Xiaojuan and her husband, Weigang (pronounced way-gen, I think!), were at the Memorial Day get-together that we attended.  Xiaojuan brought her super-duper amazing Nikon D7000 and captured a few pictures of the girls.

I was delighted with the pictures she emailed me this week.

Grace and her friend, Meg

And because I couldn't decide which one I liked best, here are three of Leah, who looks absolutely angelic despite her true reputation otherwise. 

Love her eyes in this shot.

Classic Leah.

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Cassie said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the pics! Looking forward to seeing you briefly next week!!!! I wonder what orneriness (sp?) my girls can teach yours while we're there! LOL Love ya!

Phyllis Blickensderfer said... Best Blogger Tips

It is such a blessing to spend time with new sisters-in-Christ, isn't it!! How wonderful to have so much fun and end up with such good photographs. Great ones!!

Rebecca said... Best Blogger Tips

Such fun! Thanks for sharing.

I especially like the last picture of Leah with that cute little oooooh mouth. :)

Annaleigh said... Best Blogger Tips

Great picture, Grace!
It's always so much fun to able to share cuisine from other countries! And I love using chopsticks! I maintain that they're more practical than forks and spoons (but you will still find me using utensils if you come to my house; however, we do have a drawerfull of chopsticks!) :)

content2be said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh yes! So excited. I can't wait to see all the cousins in action together!

content2be said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks, Grammy! Christian fellowship is so sweet.

content2be said... Best Blogger Tips

Yep. Me too. I think I've decided it's my favorite...maybe.

content2be said... Best Blogger Tips

Perhaps they are more practical, but I don't think I will master them in this lifetime. Although if it means more Chinese cuisine if I do, I may have to re-think that. :)

Aimee said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the pictures!