Jan 1, 2010

If you aim for nothing, you will hit it every time!

I haven't done this in years, but I have made a list of goals for 2010 that I would like to accomplish.  As you well know, this blog is my little accountability panel, and I'm excited about sharing my aspirations for this new year. 

1.  Gain less than 30 pounds with this pregnancy, and finish the year weighing less than when the year started.  Suffice it to say that I gained 58 pounds with Grace.  Can somebody say "walking marshmallow"?

Oh. my.

2.  Read an educational book every month.  There are several books that I am eyeing, and I am going to try to make a list of the ones I plan to read.

3.  Potty-train Grace by the end of April.  I feel this is a necessity, but I really am dreading this.  I want her to be trained early enough that the arrival of "the bee-bee" (as she says) doesn't cause a relapse.

4.  Create a price book of my pantry staples.  Of the several frugal books that I have read, I think every single one has listed this as high priority in the money-saving efforts.  I'm brewing up a plan to get the ladies in my church involved in this one.  I am thinking about making a list of the ordinary staples that we all buy, and giving any willing volunteers a list of 10-12 items to price at the store they frequent.  Then I can compile and make a master list and share it with the ones who collaborated.  That way I can find out prices at stores that I rarely visit.

5.  Read through my Bible in a year.  I know most people probably do this, but I really struggle through some of the Prophets, and Revelations always sets my mind in panic mode.  I usually get most of it read every year, but I somehow end up at my favorite books time and again. But the Lord gave us the whole Book, so he obviously intended for ME to read all of it.

6. Learn a few new domestic arts.  Knitting is definitely on my list.  I would also like to sharpen my sewing skills.  I would like to make a few maternity jumpers and a couple pairs of culottes for Grace.

7.  Lower my grocery bill to $160 per month.  My current budget is currently $50 per week, and I would love to sock away $520 for some other part of our budget.

8.  Manage my time better.  I know I could accomplish more if I were more disciplined with my time.  I would like to schedule my days to make better use of each moment that I have been given.

2 lovely comments:

Phyllis Blickensderfer said... Best Blogger Tips

Our pastor started in January to preach and study through the Bible in a year. We didn't make it. We aren't stopping, though -- we'll continue. This Sunday we're on Galations. Each of your goals will be good for you!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi April,
I agree that it is hard to get through the Bible in a year; I have a harder time with 1 & 2 Chronicles!! 1 & 2 Kings, etc. I found a plan online that I really like. I have inserted the hyperlink here for you. I started with it yesterday. I like it because it gives variety - you get to read Old Testament, New Testament, some Psalms, and some Proverbs. I'd say it's pretty close to perfect! :-) Hope someone can use this. It is in PDF format and you must select the One Year Bible Reading Plan once you get on their site.


By the way, I've made some new year's resolutions too - among them reading my Bible through entirely this year.