May 4, 2011

Simple Window Redo

I hadn't changed the lace curtain in my kitchen window since we moved in three years ago, and I suddenly decided I just didn't love it anymore.  I took it down to wash it, and was amazed by the amount of sunlight the lace blocked.
This shot is cropped from a photo Ben took when our house flooded, so sorry about the quality. there wasn't any sunlight coming in anywhere when this shot was taken, so you'll have to trust me on that wonderful sunshine streaming in.
 Anyways, I ended up rummaging around in my closet for some white sheers that I had up in our former apartment.  I stapled (!) the sheer across the top like a valance, and gathered it all up with a ribbon on one side.  I generally don't go for the asymmetrical look, but I liked it here.  It softens the window frame without blocking the glorious sunlight.  

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loves2spin said... Best Blogger Tips

Good for you! It's always so nice to have a change and that really does look nice. I wish I could see it with the light streaming in.