Oct 31, 2011

Leah {14 months}

Dear Leah,
You are now 14 months old, and you are lovably incorrigible.  You sometimes make daddy and I crazy, but you always make us laugh.  "Geese" is your hero, and you insist on mimicking her every move.  You are the lightest sleeper in our home, and mommy and daddy whisper while you're napping, despite the fan blowing in your room.  Sleeping through the night is purely optional with you, and you prefer mommy's assistance in returning to sleep.  You don't like long sleeves or footy pajamas.  You pull on them irritatedly and protest when we try to dress you in them.  You love to wear your shoes and socks, but you would easily dispense with any other article, including your diaper.

You are a real morning person, much to your sister's chagrin.  You want to eat as soon as you wake up, and you sign "food" over and over until mommy listens.  Your favorite foods are bananas, peanut butter on a spoon, apple slices, pb and j sandwiches, broccoli, and French fries.  You do not like chicken or beef, but mama insists.  You say "no" when you have had enough, and you drop your cup on the floor when you're quenched.  You love drinking from a straw and big cups.  You hate dropping food accidentally, but you have no problem dropping food recreationally.

Those little pigtails are mommy's delight.  You want to pull them out, but mommy distracts you until you forget about them.  You love when mommy whistles at you, so you imitate mommy whistling after she does your hair in an attempt to get mommy to whistle.  It works.  You do not like to wear headbands, but you know they are pretty, so you ask to have them put on.  You know the sign  for beautiful, which you occasionally sign after getting dressed or having your hair combed.

Leah, your interest in the kitchen cupboards drives mommy insane.  You know that the Tupperware drawer is the only one you're allowed to play in, so when you're being good, you tear everything out of that one cabinet; when you're being bad, you challenge mommy's patience by getting into all the no-no cupboards.....over and over.  

You have no fear, and anything stationary or otherwise is an invitation to climb.  We have caught you standing on the table twice, and nothing is safe once your determined mind has honed in on it.  You jabber incoherently but incessantly with plenty of expression.  Every animal says "Woof!"  according to you.  You love phones of any sort, and you hold it to your ear with your shoulder, just like mommy.

 You are daddy's little helper, and his biggest little fan.  He is always greeted with a giant-size smile and yell when he gets home from work.

You love to brush your teeth, read real picture books, and tear paper.  You are always busy.

You change our world with every smile, and we love you...just the way you are.

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annabelle82 said... Best Blogger Tips

Sweeeeeet! I feel like I know her a bit better :)

valerieschnarr said... Best Blogger Tips


What a sweet tribute! This will help you when they are older, you can feel the love you have for Leah....this was sweet and fun to read!