Oct 28, 2011

Something Fun Friday {Homemade Pudding and Fudge Pops}

I've been eating egg white breakfast burritos for breakfast lately, so I had a few egg yolks to use up.  I googled (what else?!) "recipe to use up egg yolks" and stumbled upon this chocolate or vanilla pudding by none other than the venerable Martha Stewart.  I thought it would be a recipe Grace could help me start, so we gave it a whirl.
 Helping me mix the dry ingredients.

 She insisted she needed a "thingy like this (sweeping hand motion across her front) so I don't get dirty" AKA an apron.

 We made the chocolate at the Jr. Chef's direction.  Awesome possum pudding!  Ben's not a huge fan of pudding, so I split it and put half in freezer pop molds.  They are the BEST fudge pudding pops I've ever had.  Decadent. Not Weight Watchers approved.  Ben said they might be the best fudge pops he'd ever had.  That's a pretty weighty compliment from a man who doesn't commit to superlatives.  

The girls love them too!

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